Simon Cowell killed the Rock ‘n’ Roll star

Harvey Goldsmith

Simon Cowell is to blame for the current celebrity driven music business says rock n roll impresario Harvey Goldsmith – whose own career was said to be “backward looking” and compared to a rock n roll museum, in an interview with the BBC.

Goldsmith let loose on Cowell while speaking to Stephen Sackur on BBC HARDtalk: “His world isn’t about music – it’s a parallel universe. Prior to Live Aid there was never any descriptive wording in most newspapers about our music industry, unless they got busted.”

One of the bad results of Live Aid was that it changed the face of music from being a “rebellious, creative juice to something that could sell newspapers… for which Simon Cowell is to blame,” added Goldsmith.

However, when asked whether his own success was perhaps “backward looking”, exemplified by the rock museum exhibition, the British Music Experience, he is currently promoting at the O2 Arena, Goldsmith was left, unusually, with few words.

It was also revealed by Goldsmith that he had dropped out of pharmacy college to pursue a career in the music industry, “after being given two pounds of Turkish opium, a jar of cannabis leaves, and a third jar of a rye with a fungus on it called ergot, which transcribes to acid.” Goldsmith said: “I was the most popular person at college, so it all kind of fitted together.”